Crafting menu's sloppyness, missing shortcut for jobs, messed up ordering

Hello there,

the menus have always been very slow and become very tedious the later you get into the game.
Moving items in production queue on the right side, especially while scrolling up and down the list is extremely sloppy, items will end up in random positions or just pop back to where they were.
Editing the amount of items for one order would be way more effective than adding another queued job… and moving it to its place…
The alternative view is a bit faster, but you obviously can’t order anything new in there.

Hearthlings need a button/shortcut that leads to their respective promotion menu. Looking through the list of hearthlings (that also is completely unsorted since recent updates) is a mess.

The ordering of hearthlings in the list should be way more persistant. In addition, one of the newer updates messed up the bed owner menu. The owning hearthling was supposed to be on the first place. Please bring that back.


You may consider my UnitFramePlus mod. I’m not sure what you mean by the sorting, that seems to work fine for me (it defaults to sorting by job, and you can click any of the headers to sort by that instead).