Tonics cannot be stockpiled

Tonics cannot be stockpiled.

The tonics for strength and stamina can’t be stockpiled or placed in containers.

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I noticed this as well - confirmed. There’s nowhere to store them because they are not considered ‘medicine materials’ which is the only category you can select for stockpiles with the new herbalist production.

On a side note - hearthlings in my game are stockpiling them… in stockpiles I do not have open to everything! I have two that are for stone and wood only but they are sticking the tonics there!

Also - it’s worth mentioning that these tonics work by selecting them and ‘activating’ them… so while stockpiling them is desired, putting them in chests or storage boxes won’t allow you to get to them so they’re an item that should be stockpiled out in the open, right?


It seems as though the stockpile interface is halfway to having the functionality to “use” items placed within though. If you select the contents tab on a container you can select the items in the chest by type. You cant do anything with that selection yet but its there!

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it appears that they both have the tag “consumable” listed in the .json files, so either that tag needs to be added to stockpiles, or their tag needs to be changed.

i’ll page @yshan @sdee for this.


I love the new herbalist and potions / bandage making - that’s why I opted in to the unstable 14 build.

So far the profession seems to be going ok - with very little ‘flower’ production needed to create an overabundance of them. This is a good thing so that it does not tax the farmers much or force me to create large plots of non-food farms.

Suggestion: - I wonder if maybe the Herbalist could be a farmer promoted profession in the first place to allow the herbalist to tend their own little plots of flowers outside their potion shop (Suggestion)?

Issues: - My biggest problem right now is the Stamina and Strength potions. At first I was annoyed there seemed no way to stockpile them - but then realized that the way they function is to actually click on the potion and ‘activate’ it so it then buffs the entire town, not just a single footman or whatever. I like this method - very handy for big invasions! So having the potions not in a stockpile is preferable so I can find them quickly … except they are sitting about the herbalist’s bench…

But then, I don’t know what I did differently on my new playthrough on Rayya’s Children / Desert build but they are now storing them in containers somewhere. Since I can’t specify a container (they won’t go there if you specify medicine items) I have no idea where the Hearthlings have stashed them! This makes them nearly impossible to find and use now. In fact, I don’t think you can ‘use’ the potions when stored inside a container! I need a way to store them out in the open somewhere…

Suggestion: Perhaps make a special sort of container for the potions, maintained by the Herbalist? Or, a specific category that can be checked on to store the potions in one location out in the open so they can easily be found and activated when you need them during an invasion.

Thanks and keep up the good work on this interesting profession!

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I also noticed that these “buff potions” are not stored under “health items”. I have the feeling, they’re considered wealth, as they were suddenly not “in store” anymore after I turned wealth items off in my starting storage, but they have never been transported to the new “wealth chest”, so I’m not sure about this anymore…

I’d like to add to this suggestion, that the available potions could be made more easily accessible through the fight menu for several reasons. When a big fight happens, I’ll first open the fighting menu (nice work, btw) and move the camera to the invaders. So 1) I already have the menu open anyway, and 2) I’m not anywhere near my storage areas, so I can’t actually click on the potion to activate it! And there’s an important number 3 in this screenshot:

You can’t activate the potion through the storage menu, so potions stored in any kind of container (boxes, chests, urns etc.) are completely useless.


I don’t think they are being properly categorized at all.

Case in point: I have a couple stockpiles dedicated to only stone, or only clay, or wood, etc. as many of us do to help sort out the mass of incoming resources for basic material storage. I do this before I have my chests and other containers sorted out and in places that makes sense for workshops. Hearthlings are storing the buff potions in those specified stockpiles even though nothing but that one type of resource should be going there. I’m not sure why they would do that because in my mind, if an item is not categorized in any properly designated stockpile, it should just get left laying wherever and never put in a stockpile. That’s how I thought the system worked originally but now they’ve gone and put them somewhere in a chest and I have so many it’s hard to check them all to see which one it was because they aren’t supposed to be in there with those items. Naughty Hearthlings hiding the potions! :wink:


I just saw @yang check in a fix for this. Thanks for reporting!