Stamina / Strength Potions Issue (Storage / Use) Alpha 14

I love the new herbalist and potions / bandage making - that’s why I opted in to the unstable 14 build.

So far the profession seems to be going ok - with very little ‘flower’ production needed to create an overabundance of them. This is a good thing so that it does not tax the farmers much or force me to create large plots of non-food farms.

Suggestion: - I wonder if maybe the Herbalist could be a farmer promoted profession in the first place to allow the herbalist to tend their own little plots of flowers outside their potion shop (Suggestion)?

Issues: - My biggest problem right now is the Stamina and Strength potions. At first I was annoyed there seemed no way to stockpile them - but then realized that the way they function is to actually click on the potion and ‘activate’ it so it then buffs the entire town, not just a single footman or whatever. I like this method - very handy for big invasions! So having the potions not in a stockpile is preferable so I can find them quickly … except they are sitting about the herbalist’s bench…

But then, I don’t know what I did differently on my new playthrough on Rayya’s Children / Desert build but they are now storing them in containers somewhere. Since I can’t specify a container (they won’t go there if you specify medicine items) I have no idea where the Hearthlings have stashed them! This makes them nearly impossible to find and use now. In fact, I don’t think you can ‘use’ the potions when stored inside a container! I need a way to store them out in the open somewhere…

Suggestion: Perhaps make a special sort of container for the potions, maintained by the Herbalist? Or, a specific category that can be checked on to store the potions in one location out in the open so they can easily be found and activated when you need them during an invasion.

Thanks and keep up the good work on this interesting profession!


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