How to use small healing tonic?

I dont know if its just me but i am unable to find out how to use the small healing tonic, they are just sitting in a stockpile and they arent being used when my hearthlings get low health >.>

Oh okay i just saw, apparently when your hearthling is asleep your herbalist will bring a potion to them. would be good if it could be done at any time tho


though i agree that could be nice, TR is trying to avoid that as it gets a bit too micromanagey for the style of play they’re aiming for…

perhaps they could make it so that the healing tonics are like the other tonics, where you select them and then click the button and it effects all hearthlings, and then just have bandages for the use of healing them in the beds…

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I thought your foot men would hold onto one or two of them so it they got hurt they could use it on the spot in combat
would be kind of cool to let them use potions as they needed


Yea thats what I thought, probably hold onto one of them that gets used when there is 1/4 health as like a last resort. that way they arent “cheating” and using many at once etc.

Would also be cool if instead of having to find the potions on the map they just appeared as a button somewhere in the UI with a quantity under them.

Finding them in the map would make the herbalist no longer of use however. But as for healing, having a potion to use in hand with some sort of no-use timer would do

Oh no I don’t mean take the herbalist out of it for potions and bandages. Just for the buffing potions that you have to manually activate anyway it’d be handy for there to be a hotkey or UI button.

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This still is an issue. Potions are just made and then placed in the stockpile. Doing nothing. And wounded warriors are not using it. For what i do now, since there is a cleric in alpha 16 pre-release, is getting him asap to withstand the enemy attacks. In Hard mode 1, warrior, 1 Cleric, 1 Archer is enough to withstand pretty much everything.

Herbalist use it :stuck_out_tongue: when lil hearthlings are wounded

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The health potion us just the first tier of the 4 healing items. I would imagine the herbalist is going to default to the most powerful healing item you have available so bandages will always get used first if that’s the case.
Disclosure: I haven’t tested that, it’s just how I imagine the system works mostly based on item descriptions. Maybe he/she just grabs the closest one… I could see that too.

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