Tom added Medic to the Trello a few hours ago. Let's chat about it!

well the, Farmer :arrow_right: Brewer :arrow_right: Brewmaster , makes sense as you would need to have a farmer to grow the barley/wheat and hops… but the, Brewmaster :arrow_right: Physician, is confusing, perhaps his knowledge of brewing helps with brewing potions…?

Sorry, not confused about that part of the tree, just the Brewmaster :arrow_right: Physician part :blush:.

i was guessing you weren’t, just thought i should cover all my bases… :smile:

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how would a medic help, in the game. would he bring back the dead or just heal the injure. also i like an idea where he could even give more heart health to our cool little town folks

most likely just healing, unless he secretly knows necromancy :wink:

I like this first off, another dimension to add and reason for building/growing. In fact I support any new roles, classes and such - along with the interdependence of materials supply and town advantage to having them.

To this point I personally think that there should me many more classes/roles added with their dependencies… not all of them you necessarily need to have, but as your town flourishes, you create a interdependent network of activity. Couple this with tools/clothes that wear out, food that is slower to grow and such… which creates a continual and possibly growing demand on your specialist classes in what they do/supply and you have a good reason to grow and develop your town with new and/or duplicate persons in thes classes If you take this approach, there really is all sorts of possibilities of how you grow your town in terms of people, roles, layout, supply lines, trade and trade dependencies, reason to build defenses of certain kinds in certain places, reasons for raiding/attacking.

There should always be a goal, each goal should have obligations to maintain and each goal should open up new goal.

But I digress… YAY FOR THE MEDIC!!!

I think the name ‘Medic’ is inappropriate.

‘Doctor’ seems the most likely of a term to make their role clear

To me it seems like having a dedicated class for healing soldiers is kinda… Replaceable.

What i can imagine is a Doctor(ish) class that stays in town most of the time and heals wounds and illness, and you can order some to support in combat, since you won’t really need them running to combat when the threat is small enough for the soldiers to handle (and realistically they won’t be able to heal people mid-combat)

I expect them to be a doctor that can act as a feild medic when needed but has a bigger role as a town doctor


Who says there cannot be both? I would personally doubt that all injury and illness features would be added at the same time. What if the devs lower the rate of health regen to necessitate a medic to speed it up, but then require a doctor (added later on) to actually “heal” illness or major injuries, not just increase the rate of health regen?

werent they already planning on drastically slowing down health regen so that you need a medic?

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yep, thats one of the major reasons for needing a field medic for your footmen…

Yeah, sorry. Was not clear in my post. @Tom has said they plan to lower health regen, and my comment was not meant to change that, but that lowering health regen will likely not be the only health related change we can expect before the game goes stable.

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Depending on how the health system works, the medic could do a variety of different activities.

In a simple health system, where health is essentially a number that dwindles down until it results in death, I think the Medic will simply heal wounded Hearthlings. They could even be a support role healer, fitting into the classic RPG trifecta of tank, dps, support.

If bleeding and other health effects are added, the medic could have to put bandages on wounded Hearthlings to stop health loss. If TR added a mechanic where Hearthlings could be knocked unconscious, a medic would be necessary to revive them. I could even see the medic have a bit of crafting for medical supplies like bandages or health potions, but I see them more as the people who administer aid on the battlefield. For a non-military role, the medic could also act as a nurse towards sick Hearthlings, administering medicine in order to prevent disease from killing off your workers. Stonehearth is heavily influenced by DF, and I’d wager that the health system would include a effects like these that require a specific treatment than just a “healer.”

I saw someone mention doctors too; I think it’d be very cool if there was a medic to doctor progression, but they essentially handled different parts of your Hearthling’s health. Medics could handle more of the immediate trauma such as bleeding, while a doctor is going to cure disease or perform surgery if a Hearthling gets really banged up and is on the verge of death. The medic could keep an injury from getting worse, but the doctor has to be the one to actually fix the problem.

Like I said before, I think it’s really too early to tell what the medic will do since it really depends on the health/healing system. Maybe we will get some more insight on that system’s mechanics when they start working on the medic.

I think I’d like a base class of scholar that gives a proximity bonus to healing/speed to whoever they are near, and then have medic or engineer offor of that base class.

This also opens the possibility of school zones at some point.