New job idea (Doctor)

So i got a idea for this class from playing stonehearth. And the idea came from being unable to heal my soldier or villagers whit out them sleeping. This could be usefull for those who have big armys. So what would be the point of this job? Well heal your troops whit out them sleeping and get them ready for battle soon as possible. To balance the doctor heartlings could be healed only once per day. Items that could be crafted by doctor:

  1. Crafting materials:



Surgery knife

Healing packs:

On lvl 0: first aid pack: 1 healing tonic, 3 coarse bandages, 1 needel. Heals as much as one healing tonic

On lvl 2: Small surgery:
1 healing tonic, 1 light bandages, 2 stitches.
Heals much as 1light bandage

On lvl 4: big surgery: 1 heling tonic, 1 hevy bandage, 1 surgery knife. Heals much as 1 hevy bandage.

This is just a concept what this job could do if you liked it i will make more detailed version of it. Adding like decorations and other items. If there was something you would like to change make sure to comment it. Thanks for reading

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Well update found out heartling under 50% will go to sleep and the herbalist will heal them. Well that kinda makes this useless

Welcome to the forums @Trollex I really like the idea of having a dedicated doctor as opposed to a herbalist which seems like it should be more of an alchemist then a doctor to be honest.

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Alchemist would pretty good as well. Would he or she be making potions to heal the heartlings ? But any way thanks for the feed back :slight_smile: