Toggable Fog of War

I know Fog of War is technically already a thing with areas that you have not yet explored. But I would love to have the ability to toggle not being able to view things my hearthling aren’t around or where I don’t have any buildings. I feel it would add a lot to hardcore mod, as well as increasing game performance by not having to waist as much energy on mobs that are not near the base.

I understand some people wouldn’t want this, but being able to toggle it on and off would be amazing.


This would actually be pretty darn cool. I totally support this. And if it is on hard mode only then I don’t think too many people would be upset. Or if you could turn it on/off while creating a new game. Then it would be up to people themselves. This would most definetly also make the game more difficult, since you can’t see anemy attacks from afar. Nice one Micboydoodle.
Thx for reading :smile: