Fog O' War question

Is there a way using the dev tools to remove the fog of war?

hmm… not that i know of, then again i haven’t been closely following the dev tools… maybe @yshan knows of a way to clear fog o’ war

This isn’t what you’re asking, since you’re probably asking for quest purposes, but since FoW stays gone when cleared, could you just spawn a hearthling where you want the FoW to be cleared, and then destroy them?

I really need to look into the dev tools so I can stop stabbing in the dark with ideas. Sorry if this is dumb.

Add this to the mods->stonehearth section of user_settings.json:

“enable_full_vision” : true

If this was the only setting, it would look like this:

"mods" : {
   "stonehearth" : {
      "enable_full_vision" : true

Note that the game will run a little slower with everything revealed.

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I do that but a lot of the time it takes forever since they get hungry, sleepy, or attacked by something and if your working on large project it’s nice to check what the area is.

I’ve seen Allie teleporting hearthlings with the debug_tools to remove chunks of fog. But that was probably in peaceful mode.

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