[NaB] Fog of War isn't hiding

So I spawned in my world and chose my spot and while having my trapper run around I could see bunnies inside the ‘fog of war’ that’s supposed to hide stuff.

Steps to repeat:

  1. create world

  2. spawn people

  3. appoint carpenter and trapper

4)look for wildlife in fog of war

screen shot of bunnies in dark area:

The Little specks are bunnies

As a modder, I really appreciate the fact that fog of war isn’t hiding things completely yet. It makes it a lot easier to check whether my mods are working or not.

But! I am having the same experience as @claymanr is.

This is by design. Critters will pop into the map when they are just inside the fog of war. If you scroll around deep into the fog of war, you will never see rabbits and sheep.

The design may be a little confusing…we’ll take a closer look.


Oh. My bad, I guess the subject is a little foggy

bud ump chisshhh


Well, I’m currently thinking of the most ridiculous way to have the FoW disappear (for science modding, of course). Current favourite would be either some sort of lamp or a pinwheel…

Reverse windmill powered by invisible donkeys? Ooooh, or by rabbits!

I wish fog of war was completely black, so you would really have to explore. And an option to turn it off for modding would be nice yes.

I believe the intent is to make the fow a bit more … foggy, if you will?

personally, I like the current direction it’s taking, as I like seeing the terrain, but being surprised by what may be residing there once explored (wildlife, goblin camp, etc)

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Maybe there could be something in-between… the further away the more foggy?


The last update exposed the graphics engine to a good chunk (if not completely). It’s possible to disable the FoW by commenting out one line in stonehearth/data/horde/pipelines/forward.pipeline.xml (41; <BindBuffer sampler="fowRT" sourceRT="FogOfWarRT" bufIndex="0" />).

I haven’t worked with shaders or Horde3D at all, so I can’t tell you how to modify the FoW material/shader/whateveritis, but I’m sure you could do that if you wanted to.

Sooo… Instead of just sitting here kicking your heels, you could dig into the stuff and produce something prettier. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m afraid of shaders, I won’t go there.