Fog of War suggestion

Fog of War ideas

-make areas recover with fog (updating whats there under the fog if explored, showing phantom of whats there) update when u go re explore it.

-Give sight to door/windows and other items Even lights have huge sight. Maybe (slight sight to voxels, that way towns can have sight)

-make a sight item (Ie: flag or banner that gives vision)

-when and if spells come, give a sight spell (limited time on it)


-May help performance

-Keep up the mystery and exploration

Example to the exploration of fog of war.

-Player finds an area, they want good sight. They build a watch tower of their design and place lights on it, giving good sight

-Player finds a Cave entrance (if they come to game) and wants to keep and eye on it, player place a banner or lights by entrance

-Player decided to build traveling roads, they can always see what going on with their road (slight sight to voxels). Then the player’s traveling band of villagers get attacked from goblins outside the road, The player decides to expand the sight of the road by build lights along the road to see where they could be coming from.