Fog of war and map difficulty


I thought it will be great to have 3 options for the “fog of war” :

  1. No fog of war
  2. Fog of war only in place which have never been seen
  3. Fog of war only in place unseen at the moment

And for the map :

  1. Map and it’s update always visible
  2. Map’s visible only where it’s been seen, update always visible
  3. Map’s visible only where it’s been seen, update only when see by a Hearthling

These would certainly be very RTS-like options. I have of course seen various combinations of the above in other games and they’re all perfectly valid directions to go in. I think for a game like Stonehearth, maybe 2/1 is good for peaceful, and 3/3 good for a normal game. Perhaps eventually there will be a custom game mode available where a whole bunch of options might be set to let players have exactly what experience they’re looking for. I imagine these settings could be quite extensive, including sliders related to what sorts of enemies your hearthlings face (anything from no monsters to boss-wave only mode).

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