Concerning The Map - (Other Games)

So, when I was examining Stonehearth’s world generation map, I was curious as to whether they could somehow make a more appealing preview of the world. So I have a question for you gamers out there: what other games feature similar maps and how could the concept apply to Stonehearth?

While we’re at it, does anyone know if Stonehearth will feature an in-game map once you’ve started actually playing, or will we have to just zoom out?


A so called mini-map would be nice to see in the game.

Maybe someone have played DF or town and know how they work?

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I think DF’s game map is rather primitive, something more deluxe may work better.

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If they do a mini-map, I personally would like to see it toggable, as I get this feeling it could get in the way with the rest of the UI.


[quote=“Dwalus, post:3, topic:11376”]
[/quote]I honestly can’t see how these two words belong in the same sentence. Is DF not like the most advanced game every apart from graphics?

giggles uncontrollably


The map looks pretty bad. And yes, it is incredibly advanced in many aspects. Just not the map/GUI.

Maybe in the minimap it could also mark regions for elf, dwarf, maybe even tree nations.


elves won’t be in the game though. :smirk:

Don’t it show like “evil” land and such? zombie animals and all that.


If we’re going to have trees, I feel that we should have golems and/or spider people as well.

I’m not having that. I can’t stand them.

Don’t forget human nations.

Agreed, they’re awful.

Really? Everyone loves the Drow! And really, that’s @Dwalus’s line…

Ah yes, I believe they should have lots of factories.

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We need a T-Shirt to commemorate some of this stuff.


No its @sircamofron’s line

Really? How many of you people hate spiders?!?

Anyway, I think we should have a minimap and the a larger map that shows the world and the different planes. Maybe even rifts for giant swarms of monsters* to attack you from.

*Like crabmen! :stuck_out_tongue:


I think a shorter list would be who does not hate spiders.

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Oh i do like the idea of that. Have it on different tabs and such for different planes.

I’m very excited for this feature, and yes,

need to be a thing, more like many legged centaurs though…

Probably, would you be on that list?

Most definitely not.