Today's Stream Wallpaper! [Mage] {Fan Art}

(click to zoom in to the high rez)

The mage from the teaser-ish image for SH!

i Streamed at

and i might stream once a week! (or more if it becomes available)

Symbol out!


Great work, although I always imagined wizards with robes down to their feet instead of trousers…

I tried that, but it felt kinda… Plain

Probably because i had no idea how to fill that gap

But this way is better because he… shall… not… trip!


But that’s all part of the fun when your party has to make a quick get away and the wizard falls behind and trips so you have to make the decision of getting away safely or running back to save him.

Also it’s hilarious when the wizard has to hike up his skirts to run away. There is no end of girl jokes from then on.


I… don’t think the clothes he’s wearing will be any better @coasterspaul …

Sorry but I never understood why a wizard had to wear robes over any other clothing, shirt and pants be a lot more comfortable and freeing to wave ones arms around casting spells.

I don’t know, why do girls where dresses?

Some dern fool way back in time decided that women should wear dresses and men should wear pants which is totally backwards in a health sense :wink:

I’ve always hated dresses/skirts, so darn stupid they are to me, and yes I are female, old one but still female :grin:


Somebody did the same for wizards then.


Oh the vanity of humans will be their downfall!

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amazing work, yet again! :smile:

P.S. why this torture! i dont have a phone for the awesome wallpapers you make :anguished:

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