To the best dev team I've ever seen with the best community

You guys have inspired me so much when it comes to game design and motivation to make the games I believe people would love. I hope one day I can make a game with a community like this game has attracted. Many times people describe their experiences with online communities as “toxic” or “unwelcoming”.

Stonehearth has attracted some of the nicest people I’ve seen in my years online. I believe the unique personality and the openness you have with the community has been the thing that attracted them. I wish the best for all of you on your future endeavors and I cannot thank you enough for the inspiration and motivation you all have given me to my work and stepping outside my field. From modeling and making animations to modding in a game I truly love. I have followed many games from early access/kickstarter days to release/closing and none of the Dev teams have quite been amazing as you.

I love this game and the team that made it possible,
Aviex :purple_heart:


Certainly the most open devs I’ve ever encountered, possibly some of the most tolerant as well.


Come one, you just want some hearths .
Whatever here you go :kissing_heart::heartbeat::heart::two_hearts::sparkling_heart::heartpulse::blue_heart::green_heart::yellow_heart::orange_heart::purple_heart::gift_heart::revolving_hearts::heart_decoration::heavy_heart_exclamation:

It is not over, a new voyage has just begun.