Tiki Torch Doesn't Give Off Light

Tittle says it all.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Buy tiki torch.
  2. Place it.
  3. Profit.

Expected Results:
Hole east side lit up like a Xmas tree.

Actual Results:

Version Number and Mods in use:
Release-687 (x64)
Archipelago Mod

System Information:

Yep, it uses the same light as the oil lamps, which are red and weaker than other lights.
This torch is higher, which makes the floor even less illuminated.

But that was actually my intention, to have a weak light, more as decoration.

Any suggestions? Color, size, reach? (I’m the author of the Archipelago mod that have this torch)
I was thinking in actually making it smaller (in height), because right now it is almost 5 blocks tall, while a hearthling is just 3.


Forgot I had that activated. Now I feel stupid for posting it as a bug. Thanks for catching that though.

You could try one block shorter, but honestly, tiki lamps I see now are slightly taller than most people.