This is probably a bruno question, regarding adding resources to biomes

Long question short:
think berry bush, but looks like a tree with a beehive in it, gives off honey, renewably.

i -presume- there would be a way to add such a tree to at least the existing biome’s and preferably also modded ones, assuming i know how to make a berry bush with a personality crisis that looks like a tree with a beehive and drops honey: how would one go about mixing a low ammount of these into a biome?

bonus round:
how to make sure this honey is compatable with things like stonehearth caffe’s honey.

So you mean creating a tree that has a beehive in it and gives off honey when harvested? Well, it’s certainly possible by mods, if you know what you’re doing with scripting and modeling that is. Although I’m no modder, just a veteran. Cross-mod compatibility is difficult though, you’d have to talk with the owner of that mod for that.

yeah i know how to make the honey-tree, thats actually surprisingly easy by now.
its mainly the biome and compatabillity that i dont know much about.

To make your resource compatible would require an effort of both modders. If his honey has a material tag for it, then you can simple use it too, and recipes that asks for items with that tag will work.

For the beehive, you just need to replace the bush models.

For adding it to biomes I will return later with code, it is simple though, so someone else can add it here before me (in a few hours)

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^There’s your answer Wouter, man you’re quick Bruno.

Ah, a honey biome as well. Personally I think it’d be just fine as an addition to the traditional forest, appearing roughly as common as berry bushes (But they don’t cluster together). But again, new biomes by mods are completely possible, assuming you know how to code and such. But hey, that’s not my area of expertise.

yeah i wasnt lookin to make a new biome, more a mix-into existing ones.

thanks man, damn your fast, and i didn’t even tag you :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
ill take a look inside the caffe if it has a material tag. i dont think anyone has writen a compatabillity guide or how to or something yet i guess?

A guide is not needed I guess. All a recipe need is to ask for a material tag instead of specific item, this way all items with that tag can be used. Like wood logs, they all have “wood resource” tag, so crafted items made of wood instead of ask for “stonehearth:resources:wood:oak_log” they ask “wood resource”.

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-suddenly a light turns on-
NOW i understand :open_mouth:
so even if 3 different mods would make a different kind of “honey” as long as they all agree that they implement the same honey_resource and a recipe asks for HONEY_resource instead of honey A B or C that would make them compatable?

Yes. :blush:


That tree you want to make… is it an oak tree? is it a pine tree? What if the player plays a custom biome with no oaks and pines in it? Would that not look strange to all of a sudden have an oaktree somewhere?


Well that’s the easy part. All I do is make a beehive model, and align it with existing trees. Entities can have composite models. Just like my viking shields do.

(in the case of the shields an invisible one, and a random appearance one)
But in case of the trees it would be local tree+hive