[Help] Bringing up some Old Roots, a mod that was never finished but was the reason I started Modding


I have recently started jumping back into this game and want to get the mod I originally started working on with @honestabelink but sadly never finished due to real life catching up with us completed. Most of the work is done, but I’ve hit a point where I don’t know how/where to go next. If anyone would be willing to help me through completing this, it would be much appreciated as I believe this is a mod everyone will benefit from, in some way.

##What is the Mod?

It adds an Apiarist into the game with a fully modelled outfit, beehive (full and empty), honey pot and honey serving.

##What do the models look like?


##What needs to be done, coding wise?

Well, like I mentioned most of the work is done. It takes a Level 3 Carpenter to create a Bee Hive. The Bee Hive can then be placed and will generate a ‘full’ Bee Hive in 8 game hours (I believe) which can be then harvested by using the same tool used to harvest berry bushes and chop trees down. The Bee Hive can be moved in any state or returned back to the stockpile. There are no errors or crashes that I can report.

What does need to be done is when harvesting the honey from the Bee Hive, I would like to see an Overlay similar to the Overlay you get when harvesting Trees or Berry Bushes.

Further down the line, I would like to have the Hearthlings put on the Mask or refuse to pick from the Bee Hive without the hat and display an image above their head with a Mask icon to alert the player of the needed equipment.

If you’d like to have a look at the files and help me out, It would be fantastic to get these old files in game and you’d also get the recognition in the mod release.


I’d love to help, but so far my Stonehearth modding capabilities are fairly short. Been messing around with it a little lately though :smiley:

perhaps you can ask @froggy because he has an apiarist in his mod [MOD] Stonehearth Cafe (Cooking And Farming Expansion) 1.92 and wants to refine his?