Third Game type

Currently you may select a normal game where monsters spawn, goblins and basic story progresses or choose a sandbox mode where you can build without enemies. My suggestion would be something in between where there are dangerous things roaming around, but it isn’t something that escalates instead there might be threats but it isn’t actively directed at you like the normal game mode. Wolves and other creatures spawning around forest areas and other applicable threats - so you would have a sandbox mode that also includes monster spawns (Just to keep things interesting).


Just to make sure I am following this suggestion, you want to remove the “campaign” type of encounters (Goblin War), and just have the ambient threats?


I think he means enemies spawn, but they won’t really attack. If you feel like it you can go out and attack them yourself. Might be like that in some easy difficulty setting. You can still farm the monsters for some loot drops, but they are no threat to your village.


Basically monsters would still spawn, but there wouldn’t like said be the Goblin war - if you - or your colony was near a spawn you’d still get attacked like normal.

I have played both modes, and while I like the sandbox mode I feel like it would benefit from there being some kind of possible threat - as without it a section of crafting becomes useless - as there is no point in creating weapons if there is nothing to fight.

The normal mode goes through a progression, where the Goblin raids and spawns become more fearsome as time progresses until you ultimately defeat them (I don’t know if there is an end to it anymore though - haven’t tried to run it to the end in the more recent versions).

You could probably make this mode yourself as a pretty simple mod, which just removes the goblin war campaign from the gm, but leaves the ambient threat campaign in. Maybe @linda, @yshan, or @Drotten could help you with that.


I’m nowhere near hardcore and I find the current state of enemies in this game to be very easy as it is. I’d almost like to see some beefier threats and I look forward to seeing what other mobs and encounters the devs are bringing in the future.

I don’t see how you could make the current “normal” game that much easier without saying just play on peaceful. Having mobs there just to be even easier punching bags and loot bags would be pretty sad - may as well use the console and give yourself loot since it would be about that challenging.

I’d like to second @Mabui 's suggestion.
At world creation screen there could be some option menu where you can disable the raids and other stuff via checkbox. As long as SH is still in alpha status it would probably be good for testers if they could focus on one new element and not bother with other (buggy) features.
When the feature list expands with more campaigns, seasons, alternate planes and the other stuff the kickstarter mentioned this checkbox menu could prove useful for everyone.

I’m with you if you say that the normal mode is easy to beat atm but I can understand Mabui too. Let’s take Minecraft as an example: There is a difference in having …

  • different difficulty modes (easy, normal, hard, [hardcore]),
  • playing on peaceful or
  • go in creative mode.

I like to play on easy or normal,
when my nephew comes over the game is set into peaceful and
when i wanna try things out (e.g. new redstone circuits) i go to creative.

Console commands are cheating imo. Having a great functioning city/town built without commands there is some sense of accomplishment… even without steam achievments. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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So in order to make this thing into a mod, I can give out some pointers on how to do it as I can’t fully check out what is needed right now, so I’ll have to get it some details from memory; take it with a grain of salt.

You’d probably have to fiddle around with Lua scripts to make it happen, something in the line of making sure that certain campaings only run when a mod is selected. Currently, it’s just simply ignoring campaigns that have combat in them. You could look around in call_handlers/new_game_call_handler.lua for tips on how to do that.

Of course, you’d also have to modify the ui so that the player can choose the new mode. This is done through html and JavaScript, that’s a bit of a touchy area personally as I’m not sure how to alter js scripts as of yet, I imagine it could be done in a similar fashion aa with Lua, but I haven’t looked into it really.

There may be more that needs to be done, but IMO it’s probably better to keep this as a suggestion for now. If Radiant actually decides to implement this I have no idea, but I’m certain that at the modding capabilities will improve later on to make these sort of mods easier to implement.

So you would like just the ambient encounters that don’t attack your town directly and instead wait for you to engage?

This game mode can be modded in. I will upload a sample shortly.

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THIS would be great… awesome if TR would make this an official feature(at least for alpha stages)… well. for now it would probably be sufficient if the goblin raid campaign could be disabled. other major threats aren’t implemented as far as i know.

Okay, here you go. (97.9 KB)

It only has the ambient encounters in it, and adds a new game mode to the start screen. It’s all json :slightly_smiling:

I am not the designer/decision maker as to what game modes go into the final game, so this is not official. This is just me doing something on my weekend day :slightly_smiling:


7 Likes <- And this …

is why I love this game, this dev team and the community around it so much.

Ok, that sounds somewhat weird. Let me sober up and give your mod a shot tomorrow.
But… srsly:

YOU GUYS ROCK! :grinning:

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Wow, so much has happened since I first put it up! It would be neat to have it as an official option - as I assume the game developing will be balancing the encounters and weapons and undoubtedly increase the difficulty therein from it’s current state.

To me it seems like a good part way mark where you want the ability to work at your own pace - and build up your community, but at the same time not have positions and craftings to become useless at the same time.

There are monsters out there, if they spawn close to your town, chances are you’ll get attacked - but it isn’t this sustained effort. Maybe you see a dragon further out and make taking it down your personal goal so you start building towards that - or have to clear our a section to build a roadway to another town you’ve started near potential resources. (Though the game doesn’t let you set people to specific settlements as of yet if I recall).

I’ll try out the mod though - I can’t wait for more and more stable versions of this game to come out so I can delve deeper in.

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