Post-Main-Story Difficulty Increase

I finally completed the main missions of the story (or at least I believe so. The neighboring villagers said they feel safer or whatever so I’m assuming I’ve completed it) and I’m finding that all of the challenge in the game is gone. There’s no more goblin camps or anything really besides the random invaders which are more of an annoyance than anything. I think the game could use continued random goblin camps that periodically spawn that get stronger as the game progresses (i.e. on day 20 the camp has 5 goblin warriors; Day 25 camp has 7; Day 40 has 10 goblins and a chieftain.) I think this would help to keep the game interesting and a bit more intense when your village has a legitimate threat of being destroyed. I think this could potentially be an option that pops up on the screen for the player to choose when he finishes the main story so they aren’t forced to face the harder enemies. I just feel that the game gets stale pretty quickly once you’ve killed all the goblin threats and would like to see something to up the difficulty.


i agree completely with this idea.

it would also be nice if more zombies spawned as you got a higher networth, or with the day count, because in the “late game” im still only getting groups of 2-4 undead, which i never even notice due to my 6 steel short/long sword and steel plate equipped footmen…


That’s a good idea too! The little raiding parties do literally nothing besides annoy me! They walk towards your town slow enough to make a turtle seem like an airplane and get destroyed immediately. They’re 100% pointless late game.


This is good thinking, but I’m not sure it’s going to be useful past a certain point. We already know that more and stronger enemies will be coming in future versions. Think of a future where a strong enemy threatens and you want to send your entire army to stomp on them, but those little goblin raiding parties may steal your stuff and kill your crafters if you leave no fighters at home.

Also, one of the devs was saying they were going to add some “opt in” enemies to the maps eventually. These would be tougher monsters that won’t attack you to start, but you can attack them. When you do attack them, then the game starts adding in more monsters at that level that will attack you. So to an extent you’ll be able to control your own difficulty level.

All this stuff is a ways off yet of course, but I feel like they really don’t need to do anything to make the first enemy, which is pretty much just a nuisance actually dangerous on its own.


i guess @Tuhalu has a point i overlooked, other enemy campaigns will eventually come, so i geuss there isnt really a point in adding “more” goblin campaigns.

thought i still think it would be a nice/good addition to the game if more undead spawned in the “late game”

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You know, I don’t think it’s a bad idea. But rather than have a developer constantly fuss with balance while the game is unfinished, there is an opportunity for a mod to do that instead. Then it can be easily removed (or updated!) when more developer content comes along.