Goblin Mechanics Need To Be Improved

[{Reference}] Goblin spawn mechanics

These are simply thing’s that need to be fixed or added.

  1. Behaviors

I have been playing this game for well over 50 hours and I have been bored to death of attacks. they aren’t fun and they are boring. I always stop the attacks with no casualty’s. This needs to be changed. Here’s how to fix it, stop the goblins from running away when your guards get near, have them attack. You should also be able to capture goblins if they surrender.

  1. Goblin Population, Difficulty, and Colonization

The goblins need to get harder as the game goes on so getting armor and weapon upgrades is necessary, as well as building walls. I also feel having the goblins hold off attacks should mean they are populating. If ignored the goblin camps should be able to be HUGE which is caused by the growing number of goblins. making their assaults larger and more of a threat. Over time the goblins should have a Chief, and a military.

  1. Jail
    Looking Back on behaviors (You should also be able to capture goblins if they surrender) You must be able to have a jail to hold goblins and interrogate them. This will add lots of gameplay so they will (spill the beans) on where other goblin camps are.

Tell me what you think of these idea’s


[{Bump}] I think the goblin tokens should be made into trophy’s

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This needs to happen.

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I don’t think they are going to stay easy forever. Later in the game, when they have developed it further, they shoud be harder. (Atleast I hope so)

nope. goblins are the “cannon fodder” eventually in the game, after the goblin campaign, orcs and other tougher badies will start coming for you. so really imo the goblins dont need too much tweaking.

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Oh yeah, I remember now that I have heard something about orcs before. Goblins definitely don’t need tweaking when the other big bad guys come after us! Thanks for the reminder.

Ha, throwing them bits of berries through the jail cell’s bars. I can only imagine.


They do need tweaking they need to attack they are weak

I think part of the current issue is that it seems that mobs are prioritizing attacking your goods in stockpiles before your people–not sure if this just how the engine currently works or if it’s an aggro bug, personally (I just heard/noticed it myself, looking at the Discourse recently and seeing it mentioned).

So yes, the goblins should ultimately become a little more threatening, but not by much. They are pretty much the level-one tutorial enemies of Stonehearth.

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It might be more an issue that because Goblins are the only type of enemy, there are no enemy behaviors to interact with beyond their limited repertoire.

More wandering wildlife like tempestuous elk, wolves that have some “teeth” to them and so forth would help add some real dangers to leaving your little town, hopefully.

They haven’t really started adding lots of content yet, they’re just implementing systems upon which content will be made. The goblin campaign is just the first demonstration of the game master system. It’s not representative of the final release version’s complexity or difficulty.

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You guys need to slow down.

I can barely get my first building completed before goblins and undead are already attacking my town.

Game needs significantly improved pacing before more and tougher enemies start being thrown at the player.

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I scramble to get fencing built around my start area (big enough to build some sleeping quarters and lots of gates for easy access) before they start attacking. Once the fence is in place, two footmen can usually keep things safe-ish. Many of my towns got wiped out before they were even more than a mark on the map lol

Goblins or undead never appear in the start for me… I’m not sure if it’s because I don’t explore a lot in the start, but that may be it.

TBH, it depends on your skill level,but yeah, after playing awhile, new games seem boring because i can so easily defeat the goblins, heck, my trapper works as a early millitia and can single handedly take out goblin thief camps all on his lonesome, yeah, its pretty darn easy.

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well the goblins only come when your net worth gets above a certain amount, so that could be your “problem” of not getting them early game.

I believe this issue has been reported even with high net worth? I don’t think a “solution” of making the net worth requirement even higher wasn’t a good idea when it happened recently. ( goblin “spam” is the only way they are (or were) interesting at the moment) The OP was talking about the fact that he is bored of the attacks, not that they weren’t happening, as pitiful as they are…

That question about being attacked 9 days in (NINE days, how boring) is an issue. But the post 8bitcrab just replied to probably should have been moved to the question thread.

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Good to see most of the changes I suggested were added.