Please set a hard limit on global goblin spawns

A game with 20 hearthlings is going to be pretty buggy. I imagine adding goblins is nearly as expensive. Can a hard limit on goblin spawns be set so the game doesn’t fall over? Also, maybe make the goblins path directly to stuff so they aren’t lurking in the forest taking up CPU… Thanks!


id prefer to have a better goblin warning system… i normally dont notice goblins until they are already fighting… and sometimes its too late and a villager dies…

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I think that correcting the instability would be a better course to take then capping, at most lately I have seen ~12 (I’m pretty sure the actual count was 16 as I was attacked on the left by 10 (three groups) and on the right by 2 (one group)). I did not see any stability issues during or before the fighting. (That said placing 100 goblin totems on the ground is a bad idea for stability)

I think with fixing the engine instability and adding patrol zones, which we sort of can do with walls and parties at this time. This will become more about managing against the horde vs crashing because of the horde.

Having a horde of goblins attack you because you gave in to there demands for too long sounds like an awesome gameplay mechanic.

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I mean… this isn’t an issue of game play mechanics. the existing system is not reflective of real mechanics, it’s place holder behavior. I have had games with way way more than 12 goblins at a time in them… setting a cap will be a quick fix for stability and doesn’t require crazy re-architecting of existing systems, it just requires a global goblin count and a single variable check when spawning new groups of goblins.

There are more in other places…