Different difficulty levels

i was thinking that there should be different difficulty levels that we can select before picking a place to settle on the map.

now i understand there is currently a “normal” and “peaceful” modes, but that just doesnt seem to satisfy much to me, so i was thinking perhaps it should be expanded a bit more

  • hard as the name suggests, this is the hardest difficulty and is only for hardcore players who want a real challenging experience.

  • normal this is the default difficulty, if you like the game to be leisurely yet still have challenges this is the difficulty for you.

  • easy this is the easiest difficulty that still keeps enemy’s, the biggest threat you will face will be starvation.

  • peaceful this is the easiest difficulty, its more like a sandbox mode as monsters wont get in your way, starvation still is present though.

encase you’re going to say its to early in development to bother with this thought, i really was thinking that this would be near the end of development, not in the next alpha.

thats just a few thoughts i had. this is open for discussion, please share your thoughts and whether you like or dislike this idea. just make sure to keep it family friendly :wink:


I hope mods can directly affect difficulty. Though it may be a bit much for the main game, I’d love to play on a sandbox-oriented difficulty that still has combat. Specifically, I really liked the old goblin raids, but because goblin camps [used to at least] show up before I can get my building started, I’ve been playing on peaceful for a while… and it can get boring.


With multiple ways to play and enjoy this game, I think we need more than just 2 starting options.

I like having options you can change at the beginning of the game. From my dwarf fortress game time and forum time with that game I’ve learned that many fans of these types of games don’t always keep computers that can handle all of the included features at the same time. One of the nice things about that game is that you can enable or disable features to free up CPU cycles for the core game play mechanics. You can make any processor in existence cry for mercy in that game with the wrong settings and large enough world, so many experienced DF players tweak their options just a bit to match their needs.

I’m seeing really interesting suggestions in the forum that would add a certain amount of character to the game (i.e. vermin that eat your food in the stockpiles) but have also seen concerns about how much cpu processing time these critter might take up. If these features are added but are easy to enable and disable it would make it possible for people to tweak staring options to match the type of game they plan to build.

I believe that some people are going to create games for different reasons, and we should be able to customize to optimize each game for maximum fun. As some of the building features are a little more usable, I plan to create a peaceful game just so I can design and save building templates for my other games. I want to create an inn for my town, a mayors house, and shops for my main crafters. In that game I don’t care about most of the features - I just need to design and build and save. I want to turn off everything that gets in the way so I can focus on the design. But once I have what I need no more peaceful world for me, because I like the survival aspect.

I prefer to play this game with lots of interesting things to fight off. In my preferred games I’ll plan to enable everything and perhaps add extra challenges if possible, which is the opposite of what I was just wanting to use in my design phase.

Look at the launcher in the lazy newb pack or the launcher for the masterwork mod in DF both free. The masterwork mod overwhelms newbies with options but you’ll see what I mean about making it easy to let people customize the game to their preferences.


The thing is with the currentbuild the way it works, You have an option of full-on active combat or a sandbox no combat. What I like to see is a mode in between. I called It ‘passive’. Where there are monsters, but only attack when you get close to them, but they will never seek you out.


I think this has been brought up in the past!

I’m hoping that difficulty can still be adjusted in peaceful mode, i.e. for any future game mechanics that would add challenge, like non-fighting campaigns, food spoiling, resource requirements, etc.

On the topic of resource requirements and difficulty, what’s the general consensus of Bethesda-style difficulty levels - what I mean by this is where enemies in the harder difficulties take less damage from each swing, chests contain less stuff, and everything is less in your favour. Nothing is physically different from the other game difficulties. All changes are made to the numbers and calculations that drive gameplay.


I’m definitely with you on turning individual features on/off for processing power. However, as far as overall “difficulty” goes, it’s way too early to put names on things without a lot of the challenging and/or easy-mode content implemented. Just browsing through the “confirmed features” list - natural disasters, fauna/monsters, backstabbing Pirates/Ninjas/Politicians, etc. might crank up the difficulty, while certain endgame classes like the Engineer or Magma Smith have the potential to trivialize lesser challenges.

However, one way or another I suspect that, as in Dwarf Fortress, the “hardcore” players will turn to modding to increase the challenge. I have fond memories of fortresses fighting impossible fights against non-stop Orc sieges, which came about when players (like me) became frustrated that Goblins wouldn’t try to murder them hard enough.


@coasterspaul It sounds like they changed that up in the latest build so you have more time before the Goblin camp spawn. Should give you some time to get set up before you have to fight anyone off.

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Great idea, I would love to see some kind of “Hardcore” mode where monsters are really strong and getting food is harder. But yet upon completing various tasks you will be greatly rewarded :smile:

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Hardcore? you mean normal mode?
easy? you mean scrubcore? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

A little late to the topic, but personally the game seems a little too easy to me, at least for how far I have gotten.
14 hours in, almost all on the same world, and I have only had one worker die, due to enemies spawning pretty much on top of him in a mine, and have not had a single thing stolen from me. Even started in a location that had a lot of flat ground and little natural cover to make it tougher.
It is like enemies do not even try to attack me, even wolves just look like they walk up to my soldiers and stand there.
I do keep my soldiers fully equipped though, since i don’t want people to die, but still.


[quote=“Minamitsu, post:10, topic:12537”]
A little late to the topic
[/quote]no worry’s, necro posting is always fine, it saves us moderators from merging :smile:

well currently there is a known bug where enemies dont attack anyone, so hats probably why :wink:


Hopefully that is fixed soon then. The only time I see them actually attack is when they go after an unarmed villager, and maybe make one swing in combat.
Surviving enemies is a big thing for me, so right now things have gotten kinda boring.