Different game modes

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I hope to have a third mode: normal mode, the peace mode, sandbox mode !!!
Sandbox mode: you do not need to worry about how to survive, then you are God in this world you have unlimited resources of goods and you can easily get the resources and materials, etc., and even human!.

  • Select the map after entering the game.
  • You now are God, you have a similar warehouse greatly greatly backpack, which has all of the items.
  • Open the backpack, you can see there are a lot of items on the backpack GUI, etc., you can select it, then you can place it anywhere on the map. Building templates as well. Do not consume any raw material or the time to build .
  • You can build your heart beat empire. And share with friends.

This pattern, I think more fun, especially for people who design buildings. Hope to adopt.

(This model, I think it should be by “debugtools.smod” to achieve, just changed a bit, add more convenient simple GUI interface can be, I think it is feasible.


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