Things get stuck on ladders

Summary: This happens often enough i though i would report it though its nothing major. Every once in a while people will drop stuff on the ladders for some reason and the items will not be picked up again. On this game there is ore, stone, and wood stuck on some ladders. There is the workaround of removing the ladders and the stuff will drop with them and be sorted but this happens pretty often.


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I’ve seen it too, as recently as D2820. Thought it might have been a fluke. Sadly it seems this one might have come back again. @jomaxro, see: Haulable Entities Get Stuck Inside Ladders

Do the items not gradually descend down to the ground? I just had this situation with the last version, and any items that were dropped while on a ladder eventually made its way back to the ground.

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No. Not for me, at any rate. Though, the item did eventually get restocked without my intervention! So, that’s definite progress.

I haven’t noticed if they do. After about a day of waiting for them to be sorted it wouldn’t bother me so much i would just have them take the ladder down and put it back up.

Have you tried putting a container, crate/Chest/what have you near the ladder? In my game I had jerky sitting in middle of a ladder for a looong time, but when I placed a crate near it (for mining operations and loot gathering, all ticked) it got picked up by hearthlings.

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the two best, and fastest, ways I found to fix this are to 1. Delete then rebuild the ladder or 2. place a crate in the area. Ideally it wouldn’t happen at all but since it does these are the quickest fixes.

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I just tried putting a crate at the base and still they don’t sort them. But the carpenter that put the crate down did snag the wood close to the base and make another crate with it lol.