Blocks of rock getting stuck in ladders

New users can’t have pictures ¬.¬ so there is a link to the screen shot.


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It looks like the worker building the roof just dropped it there, so if you demolish the ladder it should fall to the ground, and then get picked up for storage.

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It looks like that ladder is actually part of the scaffolding. If that’s the case, then there’s no way to salvage the item stuck in it except for finishing the structure (we currently lack the means to control the scaffolding apparatus for building like we have for normal ladders). Occasionally, you might be able to disassemble the scaffolding with the completion of that specific wall, but this tends to be with more exploitive, less mainstream structures (i.e., multi-stories).


The problem is that they can only pick up objects in adjacent spaces, which means they can’t pick up items on a ladder because they are in the same space. Just build a second ladder right next to that one and they’ll grab your stone, or whatever else they may have dropped.


So much litter on the stairs of Berryburg will now be cleaned! Thank you!