There is more goblins


My village is thriving with tons of food, morale, and net worth. It has walls, farms, and every workshop. But then we get raided every once in a while and I’m down to three footman left. Day 33 journal entry.

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another one bites the dust


They’re preparing something suspicious…

or its a group hug :wink:

Or a mosh pit.

I could see goblins doing something along those lines…


Or a mosh pit.

Expansion class Metalmancer confirmed: induce thrashing frenzy among attacking goblins; direct flailing goblin pile towards your enemies, or wait until they destroy one another. Bonus points if you group him up into a party named Nekrogoblikon.


Woah, also cool town. Mind sharing some pics of it?

Lets give them tied around the waist flannel shirts. also lets make a stage with a goblin band in front of them. Someone quick grab this pic and photo shop this to moshpits

Throw in some strobe lights and heavy metal or dubstep, while we’re at it. Heck, let’s just make it a full-blown rave, too. All the parties for goblins.


These are not Goblins they are Moshlins :stuck_out_tongue:

Goblin rave! Totally legit.

Is it terrible if I say it also kind of looks like sharks swarming a freshly dismembered prey?

more like piranhas imo

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That’s what I was trying to say. I just didn’t realize it until I read your post.

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To tell the truth, that looks really cool! Why dont you send your 3 footmen to kill them in a party?