Therapist bug - Footmen stay idle

Therapist bug - Footmen stay idle.
I’m unable to tick the option 'jobs" for my footmen anymore and they stay completly idle if i untick “haul” box.
I dont know how it occured, maybe after i gave an order to attack. If i give them an order to attack and cancel the order they patrol a bit but become idle again after a few. If it activate town defense some of my people continue working as well, and half my footmen dont even react (getting in fighting stance).
Steps to reproduce:

Expected Results:
Footmen patrolling
Actual Results:
The therapist doesnt allow me to check ‘jobs’ for my footmen anymore and my security rating is dropping a bit every day.
Even if i disband my parties or change their jobs and put them back on footman again it stays the same, even with people who never were footmen before.

Versions and Mods:
Alpha 13 build 2720, no mods
System Information:
Windows 7, Geforce 750Ti, i5 processor 2.8Ghz, 8gb ram

Hello Gorezin !
I’m assuming that you allready tryed to reload your game ? :o

I experienced this bug too… reloading didnt fix it… they stayed idle even after reloading.

Not sure what caused it though… i just remember issueing a defend order after an attack order (to force them to retreat from a fight they were losing) and then noticed this happening… not sure if it was related or not however.

Hey there @gorezin, welcome to the Discourse! Thanks for using the bug report template, very helpful to finding these bugs. Going to page @sdee and @albert for you here.