The Wonderful, yet Dark Tales of Bambo

Alright so, big name for such a small model maker, I’ve just began with Qubicle, and haven’t got much yet, but once I get some cool models, I’ll post them up, and then give a little lore behind each model!

Stay Tuned!

The Realms of Stonehearth are becoming corrupt! Cursed Flares are appearing all over! Hmm…
I wonder where these creatures are coming from?

Cursed Flare:

A small yet powerful monster, don’t let your settlers touch them, or they could take a turn for the worst.
However, they do possess a powerful magical output, perhaps they can be of use for your Dark Magicians.

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Now then, It appears that I have uncovered the source of the Cursed Flares! Somebody has been placing Cursed Goblets across the realms! They have been automatically forging Cursed Flares, but who would do such a thing.

(P.S. Leave any suggestions for my models you want, criticism, compliments, ideas, anything!
I’m new with models and need all the feedback I can get.)

Cursed Goblet:

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Ah ha! I’ve uncovered the one responsible for the placing of the Cursed Goblets!
It was none other than, King Grimborr! The horrible, onion ring eating leader of the Grimborrian Tribes. Not much is known about King Grimborr, but I have got a picture of him here. Also, his purpose for placing the Cursed Goblets, I dunno! You figure it out! Jeez.

King Grimborr:

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@stephenmr424 Why are you so mean to Grimborr, All he wants is hugs

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lol BTW i know im a little nooby with voxels, so any feedback for the model Newf?

Also I’m mean to Grimborr cause he ate all my onion rings!!! cry poor onion rings.

I would increse the size of the feet or mover them back a little and I might suggest making him more to the style of SH

Don’t want to be mean, but Grimborr is a little stubby

edit: And one more thing: What does Bimbo mean???

As I was writing out what bimbo means, I realised that I think you meant to type ‘Bambo’? If so, yer, I have no answer for that.

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Its Bambo not Bimbo, and Bambo is the main character of this story, his model will be out soon.

Also does anyone know how to get the default Stonehearth settler model in Qubicle so that I can work off of it?

Can we have a bimbo instead of bambo?

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I had a typo when I was writing, so instead of “Bambo”, I miss-spelled it as “Bimbo”

IMO, I think “Bimbo” sounds a bit better than “Bambo”

Not to be rude or anything…

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Well I’ll admit that bimbo does sound better, but bimbo means something else, I think something about women soooo… yeah.

You might want to take a look into this thread for some qubicle-models to start with…


New Models Page Here

we can close this if you like, just let me or @Geoffers747 know… for what it’s worth, your modeling skills have increased significantly since your first work was introduced… well done!

yeah thatd be nice i really hate these models! and thx for the help