The upcoming updates

We have not been getting any releases since 9 days. Maybe that could mean that the next update will hold quite a lot of new things?

Not necessarily. Debugging can be an extremely (let me stress that: extremely) annoying and time consuming task. It can take you hours to find the source and properly fix a (relatively harmless) bug.

That they have started the documentation for modders is not going to help either, that’s an annoyingly time consuming task too.

Of course that doesn’t say that there can’t be many changes - I just wouldn’t hold my breath for it.

I for one welcome the longer break, hide


Let me dream D: maaaaaaan

I don’t really think there’s much more to add to this!

Although I have a sneaky suspicion we might see something along the lines of the Weaver class being properly implemented … but that’s just guesswork.

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Yupp. Or, at the very least, there would be some progress on it, even if it was not “legally” obtainable. I don’t doubt that we will see some new stuff (we’ve seen new stuff in smaller updates after all too), but I wouldn’t expect “a lot”. :wink:


Only other things I could add that may come would be some sheep and/or cotton plants so the weaver wouldn’t be totally useless (I’ve got my expectations riding on the weaver arriving next update) and maybe some stone because it has been mentioned. The only other possibilities from them I see would be some animals e.g. deer. I took this all from the roadmap, so I’m fairly confident that nothing other than these things (content-wise, of course some bugs will likely be gone next update as it was #1 priority) will be added, and I didn’t include scenario API because I’m not sure now’s gonna be the time we’ll see it :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d rather ride sheep into battle than weavers but I guess that’s personal preference.

Weeeell, there are bits and parts of the scenarios already involved, including a way to activate them if I remember correctly.

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I hope they also fix the gates. It missed the ‘open’ state. Should not be too much work I think.

Oh man, sheep riding combat? I feel a mod comming.

Already done by @Newf :wink:

The big sheep has to explode into smaller sheep upon death, which then in turn will explode into wool which forms a giant wool monster that assimilates your whole town into a giant turtleneck sweater.


Well that’s definitely an interesting take on a titan.

Do I get to choose the colour? Nothing quite like salmon pink.

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i think its fairly accurate guessing… then again, you always were a smart :cookie:

glances at the remainder of the thread

riding weavers into battle? … exploding sheep?

looks around the room

ok kids! time to head outside! let’s go for a ride!! :dash:


Perhaps there could be some sort of dye cannon which can be used to color and tame the giant sweater. It would then be some sort of battle pet that could be led, not ridden, into battle against enemy cities. In Winter, it could be put over your village to provide warmth without the need for a fire, which makes it an excellent mobile base for wood scarce areas.

However it’s easily flammable and shrinks if not washed correctly.

campfire saves town gets own statue


You could always fill the snow cannons (that are contained in “RepeatPan presents: Stonehearth Snowpark Stuff”) with gasoline instead… Or cheap washing agent* if you’re more of a pacifist.

Somebody please make this as a qubicle. I’ll even offer one (1) scripting favour for it.

* not contained in “RepeatPan presents: Stonehearth Snowpark Stuff”

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Firepit Statue.qmo (75.4 KB)

Not bad, not bad. I thought about having it a bit more in style, however - perhaps having the fire pit itself in bronze? Also, the fire, which defeated John the Sweater, obviously belongs on the statue too.


This could be a book.

StoneHearth Adventures: The Sweater Monster