Two weeks without an update?

Or even any mention of what you’re working on?

We’re overhauling the AI to fix the stuck workers/pathfinder/stockpile/OCD bug. :wink: Unfortunately, progress is nondeterministic, and needs rather a lot of testing. At the moment, we’re holding the update until we get this working.


hi @Jed … welcome aboard… as @sdee mentioned, Radiant is hard at work on some fairly substantial AI updates (that will have an impact throughout the game)…



Tuesday, January 14, 2014 :point_right: A peek inside the modding API

In the next release, we’ll start the process of exposing and documenting the more solidified modding interfaces. Here’s a sneak preview of how we will address one of the more immediate modding concerns: how to get your content into the game without hacking up the default Stonehearth mod.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014 :point_right: Making Your Own Models with Qubicle

Other News: Development update

Here’s a quick list of things we’re working on at the moment. By far our top priority right now is fixing the stuck workers problem. It’s requiring some fairly significant enhancements to the AI system, but progress remains steady. We’ll ship the next Alpha release once the problem is resolved, along with the gameplay-related features that are complete enough to share at that point.

So here’s the list. You can expect to see some (not all!) of this in the next Alpha release.

  • AI enhancements to fix stuck workers
  • Wild-life: sheep, rabbits, and more
  • Graphics optimizations to improve performance, especially on low-end cards
  • UI improvements
  • New classes, starting with the Weaver
  • Save is also a high priority, which we will being working on in earnest once the stuck workers are fixed.

Friday, January 24, 2014 :point_right: Streaming this afternoon in about 3 hours!

Hi guys. Just a quick notification that I’ll be streaming some modelling work this afternoon (and answering a ton of questions from chat), in roughly three hours.

ok, i may have “paraphrased” that last one… a bit… but i think you get the point… Radiant has been anything but silent during the development phase (pre and post alpha)… :wink: