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This is me a supporter from the very beginning being annoying proabably, but here’s my question.
At the moment whenever there is patch/release/update you guys add it to the development blog on the website and talk about it.

I find this a great feature coming from you guys to keep us all posted on the progress, but I’ve noticed that most of the time you only talk about the ‘big things’ in that patch and just add “bugfixes”. Now I’m always very curious as to what these “bugfixes” are, I might be the only one but what I like to do is test bugs, find them recreate them, try to find work-arounds, etc.

So my question is: Would it be possible to get a more detailed report on which bugs were fixed? Not necessarily on the dev blog, but perhaps here on the discourse?
Just so we can go out and try them to see if they really are fixed? And if it so happens that there still is a problem we can report this back to you faster.

I know I must be sounding annoying since I can imagine that the list of bug(fixe)s is quite siginficant. But I personally would really be interested in a more detailed list :smile:


I remember that they posted lists of fixed bugs in the dev blog and in the patch notes inside the game on old versions.

Sometimes the bug mentioned can’t be very specific, because there are several bugs of the same feature and they couldn’t fix all of them (for example saving, or performance problems).

Also, there was a time they posted that they fixed a bug, but in fact the fix wasn’t added to the version somehow.

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yes I do remember that they did that and I found that very interesting. Even if it is just a feature they’re trying to fix and it hasn’t been completely fixed. I’d still like to know what they did as I said, it’s really interesting to see and maybe know what will and won’t be fixed in the ‘near’ future updates.

Yes the not adding part was indeed pretty funny, but I don’t think that this still happens. Yet we woldn’t be able to know since we just learn ‘bugfixes applied’ xD

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