Bug Reports before a changelog

You know you have an active community when you get bug reports before you even announce an update.

Congratz Stonehearth Community, you have won the Bug Reporters of the Year Award.

No that is not a real thing.


You just wait until @Phagocytosis starts playing r144 :wink:


The tsunami of bug reports created by him will slaughter anyone in it’s way.

I’m at uni, so didn’t even know update was out, if I had the day off, I’d be on it all day getting many bugs


he will be our undoing! :smile:

but to @Nicedude80’s point, my hats off to the entire SH community… excellent group of fans and some hardy bug testers to boot… :+1:

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I’ve been pretty absent the past couple weeks I’m afraid guys! It’s the start of the new school year and all. And even then I’m procrastinating like crazy. It’s silly, really. Thanks for the trust though :slight_smile:


take your time brother… we’ll be here… :wink:

get that schoolin because school makes smart you…

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I’m more afraid of the hurricane of Bug-Reports you’ll post.


and if what i’m hearing is correct… … … storm gear may be necessary in the “near future”…

runs and hides in the corner