Error Reporting

Just got thinking about this and with only about a month or 2 until the beta release depending on the exact date which i haven’t found anywhere yet.

I really got thinking about Error Reporting how will that whole topic be handled. Will it be something in game where we click a button and send a report off? or Will we have to pop onto the forums and write out what happened? Some combination there of?

If on the forums should there be a format to help streamline the errors? make it easier for the devs and us to filter things so there aren’t 20 posts for my screen just went blank or my worker got stuck? etc etc

Thoughts comments questions have at it everyone.

i asked about this a few months back, “internally”, but havent had an official response from team radiant yet…

at a minimum, we would probably leverage the forums, with a specific bug reporting format (repro steps, screenshots, save games, etc.)… but i am really hoping for something more substantial, as managing a bug report forum is… well, challenging at best… :wink:

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I’m asking next livestream if they have a date, the reply should be interesting

I think that might be an exercise in futility :smile:

I would hazard a guess that there is no firm date, there’s obviously the window of ‘December’ and I’m sure they have a vague idea of when they want to have a version out there, but, well, anything can happen!

I would not bother too much about this at the moment. There are so many tools out there which can support bug-tracking that I guess you can just decide and setup the proper tool in around a day… if there will be no in-game system for it.

i am only concerned, as i’ve recently experienced the “pain” that is forum based bug reporting/tracking/management… i dont relish the thought of repeating the process here, with a much larger testing group… :wink:

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You can take advantage of the SHK Bug Tracker when Beta Releases:

well, thats certainly an option! but i would be surprised if team radiant isn’t working on an internal solution now, perhaps something thats embedded in the game itself (as @Zendorf alluded to, everything else is so baked in, it certainly seems plausible)…

Just to build on what @SteveAdamo has said, we’ll make sure that there are things in place forum side that people can direct issues/ bugs etc. towards, so don’t worry about support issues consuming some other category.