The undead and their plans?

I like to watch game of thrones and in the latest season it is focusing a lot on the undead threat. This has made me think of stonehearth’s undead. We know their are necromancers so it’s not a disease but a curse. What drives the necromancers, demons, insanity. My favourite mob to fight is the undead and I would like to see more of them. Their is so much potential in the undead’ story and many questions. Are all undead made by necromancy? Can they be controlled by our hearthlings one day? Are ogres and goblins able to be turned? Are the necromancers dead themselves? Can our Heathlings be turned? If you have your own theory please tell me as I love hearing stories.


I once had a goblin camp and undead crypt spawned near eachother and had a constant war between them that just seemed to take more and more “casualties” each day. It would be a nice addition to actually have these defeated goblins turn into completely new undead and end up building up an army of them.

Damn! I did not realise how unreadable that was. Corrected! :slight_smile:


Unfortunately currently later in the game the undead always lose this fight. It seems there is a hardcoded limitation preventing crypt undead to get too far from the crypt, so when kobolds spawn they simply “kite” poor zombies to this border, then shoot them, and the undead can do nothing about it.

Speaking about theories, if we consider Candledark mod to be canon then some undead can infect hearthlings, turning them into zombies over time.