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Stupid, silly and somewhat hilarious chat about video games!
Join Lucas, Rhys and myself each week as we cover a range of gaming topics including what we have been playing, which for for me is often Stonehearth. Find our latest episodes at

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@sdee @Ponder @Tom we would love the chance to have you guys as guests on our pod-cast if your interested, or it may just provide some level of entertainment while you are creating the awesome game that is Stonehearth.


hey there @douglas_bright … sounds like a wonderful podcast you have there (subscription incoming!)…

would be great to see Team Radiant on your show at some point… :+1:

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Hey @SteveAdamo that is much appreciated, we just released episode 83, and will have plenty more weekly episode to come. I would also love to have a chance to chat to Team Radiant :smiley: