The Tropic of Unicorn


unicorn_biome.smod (5.6 MB)

Here is my first attempt at a biome! I have recolored the grass, made giant clifflike mountains, a ton of big lakes, and a couple kinds of trees. Let me know what you think!!


Also, with @BrunoSupremo’s rivers mod it makes the lakes a lot more connected with, ummm, rivers? It looks great!:smiley:


Sweet, is this on steam workshop yet?

Also, the oak trees could be more… colorful :wink:


i defiantly like some new biomes with more vidid colors :slight_smile:


It is not on Steam yet. I wanted to iron out a few more things before putting it up there, like “more colorful jungle themed oak trees!”


@tacocat did you get the trees to drop seeds? i am having such a hard time to get that to work :smiley:

The biome looks great! :sunny: :heartpulse:


I have not. That is another thing I am trying to get done before I put it on Steam.
And thank you!!


Finally a place where my ponies can roam freely!


Nice job, this looks pretty good! Will try it out when I have time.

Also, thanks for reminding me that I need to try modding out sometime :slight_smile:


-So I added palm, willow, and maple trees.
-Seasons are added… kinda. The terrain colors and weather follow the seasons. The trees don’t change,yet. I’m trying to figure it out!

-Some of the tree models are a little different. The willows no longer have coconuts. The palms do!


4 new seasons have been added, with wild tree and terrain colors as the weather and nature harmonize in The Tropic of Unicorn!

  • Emerald- with new growth, rain, and sun. Everything turns green during Emerald.

  • Amber- Sun and rainbows! I’ts the locals favorite time of year!

  • Ruby- Amber starts to wind down and the rains come, preparing for the cold of Opal. All the trees turn beautiful shades of red, orange, and yellow.

  • Opal- Cold and snowy, nature turns curious shades of blue and purple during this season.

Come see what life is like in the Tropic of Unicorn!

unicorn_biome.smod (4.6 MB)


UPDATE 10/06/2018!

Palm and Willow trees now produce seeds. These can be planted to grow more trees!
Maple trees still produce OAK seeds (until I deal with it)(They also don’t evolve).

Not only will your newly planted trees grow and evolve, but ALL the palm and willow trees in Tropic of Unicorn now evolve! The growth rate is set kind of slow (from seed to large in about a season). With careful tending you can have your hearthlings living in a lush, giant jungle in no time!

unicorn_biome.smod (5.5 MB)



Are there unicorns in this biome?




Can someone please post the bit of code I need to add SH landmarks to my custom biome? I’m guessing I need to mixinto my biome name to the landmark .json’s where it specifies which biomes the different landmarks spawn to, but I am not figuring it out. Do I need to make a .json to mixinto for each landmark, or is there a way to do it in one file?


You can make one mixinto file with:

   "biomes": ["unicorn_biome:biome:unicorn"]

(or whatever is the alias for your biome preceded by your namespace)
And then in your manifest add an entry in the “mixintos” section for each landmark that you want to spawn in your biome. This is the best way to control which of the landmarks you want to spawn, even if the list can be long. :thinking:

Theres qb_to_terrain.json which is reused for all the landmarks (so you might try to add your mixinto there instead of in each landmark), but that will also make landmarks from other mods to appear in your biome, which you might / might not want. That would be a way to do it with just one mixinto.


Another thing to take into consideration is to only add your biome to the biome list if there was one. Scenarios without a biome list already works for everyone. If you add a biome to it, then that scenario will only appear in that biome because it will be the only one in the list


Thank you both! I will implement this as soon as I can!


…not released yet…



Unicorns!!! :heart_eyes::unicorn:

edit: And do I see that they have :rainbow: horns?