The Tropic of Unicorn


omg are those rainbow unicorns?!


Yes, rainbow unicorn! They will be coming soon!:grinning:


11/13 Update!!

  • Evolution:

    • Tree evolution has been rebalanced to take A LONG TIME. It takes years for a tree to turn from a seed to a giant tree in nature! It takes about a season to get a seed to a small tree. After that a couple more seasons before it becomes medium. Etc.
  • Seeds:

    • Palm, Willow, Maple, and Oak (re-introduced, but more rare) all produce the correct seeds and produce the right trees (see evolution)
  • Terrain:

    • Terrain colors have been updated, with the mountains reflecting the mood of the season in pastel.

Oh, and there are Unicorns!
unicorn_biome.smod (5.6 MB)
Also updated at top post and soon on Steam!