The town of summerfjord

I sometimes see people posting a sort of “time lapse” of their village and think HEY thats neat!
so here is mine,

i present you the “town” of summerfjord!
A.K.A. my testing town while i work out the compatabillity issues between my nordlingmod and the ACE mod (work in progress)
slightly after the hearthlings set foor on a new location, and have made camp:


Don’t fall into his tricks! He just wants to show the new tents! :stuck_out_tongue:
Hey, remember to customize your firepit too to be even more unique.


SHHH @BrunoSupremo dont give away spoilers to those that havent noticed them yet :smiley: (plus i still want to consult with the artyse pople like amnaa and kitty to see if i can make them better ^^ )

currently they are migrating to buildings anyway…wel they are now i designed a new version of my building



I haven’t tried your Nordling mod yet (though I want to) nor have I kept up with ACE…do the crops need water now? Or does it just look nicer?

Them tents…

@Alexander_Harvey crops don’t necessarily need water to grow, it will grow without it–but water will make it grow faster if the required water level is met :merry:~

In ACE, there’s a new UI when selecting crops to plant in a farm. Here you will see the water level requirement.


To clarify @Stmpnk 's answer, in ace there is a sort of water requirement because without water they grow slower, and I already use my own more realistic farming mod (grow times x3 slower) and that does basically force you to take good care of your farming if you want to make it through winter alive…

That said the nordlingmod itsself doesn’t add extra difficulty to farming, just the contrary, all workers also farm, so they are better at it than the other kingdoms.

Speaking of them tents, if you want to give a spin on the design @Stmpnk let me know I’ll send you the file, I’m still searching for the best design