The Price Of The Game

I think that the price of the game is a little to high.

I personally think the prce is just fine. Yes for the current amount of content it is high but ypu know its still in alpha. You choose to buy an unfinished game.

The price is a good price for what they will deliver.


It is 20% off right now at steam.


just a simple question: will you pay for every patch? Because this would be needed if you want a fair price for every bit of work, the devs invest into this game.

  1. Early Access prices are usually higher, since only people should buy the game who really want to help to develop the game. They are also more expensive, since the devs dont want to have people buy the game who expect a finished game and then write a negative review because of lack of content.

  2. If the games gets as big as it is planned, I think 20-25ā‚¬ is pretty cheap. I mean, there are games out there with less content, which are as expensive as this one or even more expensive.


Totally agree with this.
The price is honestly pretty fair, and plus, I got it on promotion, so Iā€™m not complaining.

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