Is the game overpriced? And gets it a little bit of discount?

I was thinking of that the game for a Alpha game a little bit over priced is i know that it is a really but game but still it is in Alpha! So does anybody now when its get a discount maybe can the game be foor 15$/EU. So yeah if anybody hate this question dont awnser! I was only thinking of this because its a Alpha game! And maybe a bad example but Minecraft is NOT in Alpha and it is 20$/EU! So if you now it say it to me! :slight_smile: THANKS!

i personally don’t think its overpriced for an alpha, but that’s not what you were asking… i don’t know if/when the game will go on sale, maybe @brad could answer that?


I’ve never seen anyone announce a sale, that just means you won’t sell anything anymore until that sale hits…

Anyways, i think 25 dollars is a fair price for the game. To me, alphas in active development are sometimes even worth more than full games, as you get to experience a “new” game with every update.


I know that @Reedo but yeah my brains are thinking not the same as you so yeah, I really know that it for a Alpha Game a really good game is so i know why it is 25$/EU, and i know its everytime updating! BUT! The most thing i wanna now is when its get in a LITTLE SALE. So a example from 25$/EU to 20$/EU that only 5$/EU Sale for 1 day!

@8BitCrab For this Alpha game the price is good, but yeah when it sales a little bit, as example: 25$/EU to 20$/EU thats only 5$/EU sale and that for one day!

Just remember that the price may actually INCREASE after the alpha is over, so this may be the lowest price you can lock-in the game for the future. Many game studios offer a discount for joining the Alpha in hopes you will assist in playtesting and reporting bugs and issues. Even if you only file one valid bug or issue during the entire course of the alpha you’ve paid for your discount for the game, really.

As for whether or not the current price is worth it - heck yeah! I’ve gotten nearly a hundred hours of play out of the game so far, and I consider a game worth it if I only get 10 hours out of it. I’m enjoying Stoneheath way more than Minecraft, and I played Minecraft for years and run two Minecraft servers. :wink: I’m sure I will easily get another hundred hours of playtime out of Stonehearth.


If I remember correctly, you price is the same as it was during the kickstarter. so to have it fair, the price is going to be that of the represented kickstarter tear was. This means that the game might drop in price then it hits beta and then again then it hits release.
But I think that it´s going to stay at the save price past release.

Milan, as i said. No one knows when a game will get a discount. If the devs post about a discount next month, they will not sell anything this month as everyone will wait for this discount. So you will not get an answer to your question. :smile:

We don’t announce sales in advance. In fact, on Steam we’re under confidentiality clauses regarding when Steam offers its own sales events.

We feel that Stonehearth is currently priced appropriately. If you look at other games on Steam Early Access at roughly the same stage of development, you’ll see that we’re neither too expensive nor too cheap.


I believe the game gets cheaper after every release, because you get a better game with less bugs and errors for the same amount of money hehehehe

i fully agree with you @Reedo 25 bucks for an alpha state game is fair considering this is the only alpha ive participated in where the devs were as active with the community as they are