Does this game go on special/sale?

Hey all. I’ve been actively watching the development of this game for quite a while, and I am extremely interested! I can’t wait to give it a go. However, because of the fact that I’m a student at the moment, money is always an issue (not having an income), so the $25 is very steep (especially for a game still in alpha).

So my question is, does this game go on special/sale? All the posts I’ve seen on the forum relating to this are back from 2015, maybe early 2016. As eager as I am to give this game a try, I can’t spend money I don’t have haha.

(Sidenote: Before anyone says I should pirate it …No, not going to happen. I want to support the developers and the community, not avoid them).

Why on earth would anyone on the official forums of the game tell you to pirate the game?
On the subject. This game is worth every “dollar” and if you cant manage to save up 25 dollars to buy a game, you might be better of doing others stuff than playing computergames?

As a final note, i know this reply can look a bit harsh, but i really write it with the best intentions towards your person.
I hope you find a way to buy the game and join the rest of this great community lead by some of the best developers in the industry. have a fantastic day :content:


It was a preventative measure (specifically on the bigger forums, this has happened a fair amount).

No offense taken, I understand what you meant. Just to clarify, I’m studying programming and computer science, and on my off time I’m assisting my father to develop a working 3D printer. So I’m doing a lot besides playing games, just not necessarily work I can currently get paid for.

I’m seriously considering buying the game, without a doubt, was just curious as to whether people know if this game goes on special. I mean, I know the summer sale on steam comes up in the next few months, but I wanted to see if Stonehearth joins in on the sales (not all alpha games do).

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its still extremely early in development.
my suggestion is if you can only buy 1 game and you want something within the stonehearth genre than you can play right now and has a lot of content? try Rimworld its been around a lot longer, but don’t pirate it, the best part is all the mods that support the game. right now stonehearth can’t really compete, but in the future it will be a different story… just a few examples- this game is 3D, hearthlings AI is going to behave very differently the more its updated and there is multiplayer planned, all things which Rimworld doesn’t have.

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I decided to take the leap and buy the game. I’ve gotta say, I’m definitely looking forward to it. Looking forward to joining the community and, who knows, maybe eventually I can even make a mod or two for the game.

As for the Rimworld part, thanks for the advice. I have been looking at rimworld for a while, but it honestly just doesn’t quite scratch the itch as well as Stonehearth does (personal preference at a specific time). I’m also not bothered by the “alpha” part or that the game is still buggy. I’m actually looking forward to seeing the game develop, and hopefully be able to contribute in some way or another.

Just wanted to bring some closure on the subject. I Hope you guys have fun!


If this game was 40euros, I’ve still bought it! 25eu for a game like this is super cheap. So hopefully you agree with me now I see you’ve bought the game! Let us know if you liked it! :smiley:

Exellent! Welcome fellow Hearthling… but beware of party goblin, you never know when he will come and open the gate to your poyopens :jubilant:

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Welcome and enjoy it! My advice is to run a sandbox mode first to plan your buildings out XD normal can be hectic if you’re trying to build didn’t pause oh crap run off defeat the beastlings come back and go well what the heck was I doing with this buidling?!

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Honestly, the game is worth every penny spent on it. It has the potential to be a truly amazing game and until then it’s got a good base and the devs are very active in the community.


While the game is in fact worth every penny of the full price(70 hours played and counting), I have bought it during the Steam Summer Sale for I believe $20 dollars. It’s a small difference but, it is proof it has gone on sale before?

The game is definitely worth every penny it gets. Not only for the game itself but the free ‘tutoring’ you get about Programing/Art/Animation from a wide variety of sources.
They have a vast set of videos (pretty much from the beginning) you can look up (and participate in during the live streams) if you have questions about the gaming world.
Even if you are not a computer nut, it will at the very least answer a lot of questions on how the game is coming along and what to expect in the future.

Have fun with the game and if you get frustrated at things not working quite right, just watch the videos from beginning and it will help you appreciate and realize all that has gone into getting the game to this point. :peace:


I don’t think I’ve binged-played so much of one game in such a long time. It really is worth it. Now I just need to train myself not to restart everytime I get a good idea, or I’ll never reach a big settlement haha. I’ll try catch the livestreams when I can (a bit difficult, being from South Africa, a lot of streams seem to be in the early hours for me, but we’ll see how it goes. I’ll happily wake up early to watch these devs :smile:)

As someone who has started learning programming, I’ve started to look at games in a different manner, and having access to the development log and tools in this game is just mindblowing. Because you get to see truly how much work is being done in this game so far, and how big each of the updates are. Let’s just say I am eagerly - VERY eagerly - watching the development of this game. And of course, trying to make the biggest and most developed town I can :stuck_out_tongue:)


I miss most of the live streams myself but I thank them a lot for saving the streams for viewing at a later time :slight_smile:

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