Stonehearth in Steam Winter Sale?

I recently got a PC that can support actual games so I’m going to buy loads of games in the Steam Winter Sale so should I bother waiting for the sale if SH isnt on it

It always pays to wait :slight_smile:
Also remember to check humble bundle out from time to time they have insanely cheap games from time to time.

My bet would be that stonehearth will not be on steam this winter. So maybe you need to wait a whole year :smiley:

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Better yet, maybe the spring or summer sales.

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Please don’t tell me that’s a 1-year wait confirmed?! D:

@sdee , was your coming hear for a laugh, or a forboding omen? Is a Winter 2015 release date for full Stonehearth in the cards?

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I expect it’ll be 6 months before the beta TBH. Steam early access at that point might be an idea, but I doubt the full game will be ready by then. Lots and lots still to do after all.

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This 100%.

I very much doubt the team will suddenly go from “postponing early access indefinitely” until they can get a solid polished beta out there, to winter sale for December.

So to answer your question @dwarf, I wouldn’t hold my breathe that SH will be on the winter sale - maybe Summer sale next year? But, like everything, it’s always stupid to put a timeframe on things :stuck_out_tongue:


I just meant to say that I also strongly doubt that we will be in the Steam Winter Sale.

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OK then, I might aswell just by the £30 thing now.

Thankyou for your kind advice everyone!

Wait can’t we save this one for steam winter sales?
There is probably going to be made a topic about it anyway.

I have a bad experiences with EarlyA/KS games going on steam sale before they even get released. A lot of people feel cheated that they payed good money for the game only to see it 50% off a few months later. Of course the game in question was pile of ____, but I guess it would apply to any game.

On a personal note I think it shows lack of quality/appeal when a game goes on sale soon after being released.

I’d rather just close this and open a new topic when the winter sale comes in like 3 months time. Saves having the beginning of a topic related to SH specifically.

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