Steam Winter Sale to Expand the Community

Is TR planning to do the steam winter sale because I believe it would help the game become more known? Or what is their thoughts on it this time around?

To be 100% honest with you @Yosmo78, I don’t think the game is ready for a sale. We already have a very active community (Over the last 30 days averaging ~180 unique visitors, ~100 posts, 6 new users per day), and the game is not in a final state yet.

When Stonehearth first appeared on Steam the support load here on the Discourse skyrocketed, and that would likely happen again if the game went on sale. Looking around the Discourse at the many posts we get, there have been comments along the lines of “what to do next” when the campaign is finished. I feel that those people who truly would enjoy this type of game (mostly sandbox right now) will find the game and join the community regardless of sale price. I (personally) think TR should wait until there is more content in the game, and they can finish ironing out the crash on start and performance issues before opening the game up to a wider audience.

Graph of discourse use:


I see your point, only get people into the community right now that are willing to deal with the early access status of the game. Also where exactly did you get those graphs, those are pretty cool in proving your point.

I made them myself! (Painstakingly I must say).

Being a moderator means I can get lots of cool stats from the admin panel of the site. What I did was export the raw data (date and number) for each of the 3 stats I chose and imported them into excel. From there, I found that there was (what I would consider) a bug in the exporter…it there was no data for a specific date, it skipped it! That meant that I had to go through 2+ years of dates to make sure they lined up. Especially at the beginning of this game there were dates where 0 people signed up.

Once I had added in the dates missing, I simply created a line graph (image 3). Then, for image 1 & 2 I simply modified the start date. The arrow on image 2 was a quick and dirty job using Microsoft Paint.


MS paint to the rescue!

on the topic of sales, i’m pretty sure TR doesn’t plan on having any sales until after after the alpha, maybe not even until the “final” release