The poor tale of a worker, stuck on a forge

One day, Shuul Karra, a kind hearted child of Rayya, decided to put down a blacksmith’s forge. However, Shuul did not know that he had been cursed by a skeleton! Once he put down the forge, he somehow teleported to the top of it! Poor Shuul did not know what to do! He wandered around the tops of the forge and kiln, hoping that the skeleton would forgive him. Unfortunately, the skeleton had a mean soul and would not let Shuul down. Shuul slowly, painfully, starved to death atop that forge.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Have a worker set down a forge
  2. Have an evil skeleton teleport the worker to the top of the forge (or just test different arrangements of furniture)
  3. Watch as the worker starves to death

Expected Results:
The skeleton’s curse will not work and the worker will continue like normal
Actual Results:
The curse of the skeleton will kill the worker!

The curse of the skeleton takes effect.
RIP Shuul
Version Number and Mods in use:
Alpha 15, no mods


You probably know this but you can normally rescue these guys with tiny ladders.

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As a matter of fact, I had a similar incident with a pile of stones recently (but didn’t document it). And just today, I came across this situation:

I can only assume, that other hearthlings wanted to prank the poor guy, and removed the ladder while he was still attaching the window. :smiley:


I also got this bug once or twice while building. The only way to save my hearthling was to use the console with the “teleport” command.

Yai! You used one of my designed houses @Raffo :grin:

The “Crafter Haus” is your design? Cool, I like it, it now houses my tailors! ^^ I’ll gladly mention you in my next update to my current game, as this building was not in my last update yet. ^^

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You can use the console for those pitiful Hearthlings.
open it with STRG(ctrl) + c
type in teleport while having your hearthling selected and press enter
now you can place a flag where to teleport her or him
Hearthling is happy again :slight_smile:

So far, I could always rescue my guys simply with ladders. Though if I had known this command, I might have used it to save one poor fellow, who got trapped inside a building with no doors. Yes, he starved to death while I was waiting for the rest of my town to tear down the house again… :stuck_out_tongue:

I was going to rescue poor Shuul with a ladder, but then I decides to see if he would actually starve to death.
It could have been avoided if I was less cruel to my hearthlings, but I also think that hearthlings should be able to jump off objects, maybe at a penalty of hp.

if i’m not mistaken, currently hearthlings should be able to jump down 2 blocks, and walk up 1 block.

I only needed a 1 block tall ladder to get Shuul’s gravestone, so he should have been able to jump down. It looks like there is a curse after all!

I would have uploaded more screenshots of the situation, but it would just upload the same one multiple times. Shuul did end up starving, and it didn’t appear like there was anything in the way of him jumping down.