The Hills have rows

At the moment the stone hills are a little bit plain.
How about aydding different color rows like the soil hillls

on the left side the soil hill has different colors but the right side stone hill ist just plain.


They’re not completely plain, we do have ores. Still, I’d like to see other types of stone, as well as a better transition between stone and ore.

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I was just talking about this to a friend of mine, she couldn’t see where my in-mountain stores were 'cause the ground blended into the walls!


You’re right that - at present - it’d hard to see where a cave entrance is because of the uniformity of the cave wall color and the fact that it’s not any darker inside the cave. Pretty sure this will get fixed at some point. Right now, I just put wall lanterns on both sides of the entrance.


I agree, it’s very difficult to see as it is right now. I too put lanterns or braziers near each side of the entrance. I also put them in any tunnels. It’s dark in there!