The game keeps shutting itself


while I’m playing the game, the game shuts itself after a while… for example: I am playing and I just finished a building… i haven’t saved for like 10 minutes of maybe 15, it depends if I can remind myself saving the game. The game suddenly shuts down and i have to redo everything from my last save… which is pretty darn annoying, because most of the time it happens, i have to rebuilt a house or regather all kinds of stuff… is this a problem that only happens to me or is it a (known) bug? my drivers are updated (manually) so that is not the problem.


Mine usually crashes when I try to load a game


This is a known issue, sometimes updating the graphic drivers work and sometimes not.

If I can find a related report I’ll merge this with it.

@Yukatan, could you please specify your system information and what version of the game are you running?


@Relyss I have Intel I7 and a AMD Radeon HD 7900 graphics card. I am running the Alpha 5 (build 1665 I think)

I had the problems with older drivers that the game crashes after 2 minutes. I found the solution and that was updating the drivers :slight_smile:


The solution for the other games?
Then Stonehearth crashes for you or not? :confused:
Mm they just released a new build, try updating the game to the last version and see if you have the same problem :worried:


No all my games are running just fine except for stonehearth… after updating the drivers is solved the problem for stonehearth too… but then it shuts down randomly… and well I will update it tomorrow, so I will post it here if the update solved my problem or not :wink: Thanks anyways @Relyss