The game doesn't start and doesn't show any error



Right after installing the game I try to run it from steam and sadly the game xdoesn’t start plus, the game doesm’t show any error at all. It simply seems to be loading something and then… nothing. I tried several steps and suggestions posted on the forum in order to repair it ofr make it work but it doesn’t seems to work at all:
No corrupted files, no compatibility problem, drivers up to date.
The only issue I see could be with my user_settings.json because it seems empty…
Here what I have:
“user_id” : “86ac530e-582d-44a3-84db-3bda423d6eed”,



From my expierience the game takes (depending on your system) up to 5 minutes untill it actually starts. If it isnt starting after several minutes try closing it with task manager.