The Evolution of Colonia Augusta

(So this will be a sort of fan fiction and building showcase as I construct the city of Colonia Augusta from humble beginnings in a believable fashion. Colonia Augusta will be set in the times of the Phoenix Empire which I can assume is based off of the Roman Empire. Enjoy the story as I make updates to this topic periodically.)

By order of the Emperor of the Phoenix Empire, an outpost is to be established in the frontier lands of Darkmoor Forest. It is hereby decreed that the fort of Castrum Augusta is to be founded.

And so, seven brave settlers arrive in a valley located in a clearing near the sea in the untamed wilds of Darkmoor Forest.

The first order of business was to set up temporary shelter from the elements. Six small tents and a large tent for the commander of this mission, Potitus Eutherius, were built by the end of the second day. He we can see the settlers socializing by the central fire pit while the commander is patrolling and Marcellus plants some crops.

Before a perimeter wall could be established, the camp was attacked by strange creatures the settlers have taken to calling Entlings. Luckily the commander was able to dispatch the enemy before any one was seriously hurt.

By the end of the fifth day, Castrum Augusta had been built. Surely more settlers will be sent or arrive on their own in the coming days. Room for more tents has been left for the housing of any additional settlers. As the fort grows, so too shall the Empire’s glory. Perhaps one day this small encampment will become a full fledged colonia of the Empire.


Nice walls and towers! Also I liked the idea of tents, fast to build, offers a quick bed and looks good!


Really quick indeed, ive done that in alpha 14. Works welk for quick sheltering

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@BrunoSupremo Thank you very much
@Yohane Yes they do. Its temporary until a permanent settlement is established.)

After several days of living in the new castrum, pathways were formed from the trampled ground. Nearby forests were harvested for wood and other materials for the upcoming growth of the settlement. Here we can see settlers leaving and returning to the fort to gather materials.

After gathering the materials, a new settler arrived to join the fort. One of the original colonists, Lucius Treblanus, was assigned to assist the commander in protecting the castrum. Here we can see the new colonist, Quintus Melus, on the left, socializing with the original settlers by their campfire.

A few days after the arrival a Quintus, a strange goblin wearing a peculiar hat wandered up to the front gates of the castrum and demanded tribute from the fort. He was escorted away while he cursed our humble settlement. He set up his own encampment near the coast, not to far from the castrum.

He threats seemed to be unfounded as he never attacked as he claimed he would. In fact, in the following days more tents were set up for the growing population of the fort to sleep. Here we can see the new layout of the fort with the additional tents erected and the settlers swap stories from the day by the fire.

The next day after the new settlers joined, the goblin chief attacked with a raiding party. The goblins were dispatched and in retaliation, the military was sent to kill the chief and dismantle his encampment. It was a close battle, but the Phoenix Empire reigned supreme. New armor was found in the ruins of the goblin camp and was issued to the guard force.

Once peace was reestablished over the valley, a new building outside the fort was constructed: a timber lodge, to supply the fort with building materials for an upcoming project. Here we can see a tree in the process of being turned into lumber under the lattice.

Tune in next time for the largest expansion yet!


Wonderful storytelling to go along with that inventive fort design!

Your tents inspired me to try something similar in my recent new world, and it worked brilliantly. Normally I have trouble getting over the initial 500 gold mark to start gaining immigrants, but with 7 quick tents + a leader tent my town’s worth is already well over 2500 gold! That means I can focus purely on food and defence for the moment, which is a nice change of pace.

I’m keen to see how you unfold this story – you’re only getting started after all, and you’ve already established an intriguing narrative. There’s nothing quite like watching a plan come together :smiley:

Even if i know the beginning of the game, i would follow your adventure. Thanks for this little moment =D

@YetiChow I’m glad your taking inspiration from my build :smiley:
@RahKiel No problem! Thanks for following along.)

(Okay so, this world file kinda corrupted slightly, but enough that I can’t continue on it. Luckily, I always save blueprints of my buildings so I can remake it on a new map. I already took screenshots for this update, but the next one will be in a new world that I have played back up to the same point.)

Intelligence from the Empire let the castrum know that a goblin army was forming to invade the valley and claim all of the Darkmoor Forest as their own. As such, an order was given to start clearing the land for an expansion to the fort walls. The forest to the south of the settlement was cleared to make room.

The new walls will be made of stone, so a mine was begun to allow for the large quantities needed in this endeavor. Unfortunately, since the castrum was constructed in the valley, a mine for the stone had to reach deep into the slopes of the mountain to get to the stone deposits.

A vein of coal was discovered as well as a vein of tin. These new resources will surely be put to use in the glory of the Phoenix Empire. Sadly, a worker named Aquillia Otho died in the construction of the new walls. She will always be remembered for her sacrifice. (I went afk and she was attacked by wolves)

After months of building, the construction of the new outer walls was complete. (I actually had them build them about halfway to see if they could do it, then I instant built the rest because it was taking hours and actual ingame months,) The walls featured twenty towers along a solid stone wall, reinforced by piled dirt sloping up to the walkway. This packed dirt allowed the walls to take more of a beating and gave a pathway for any soldiers to man the walls at any point along them. A peripheral street was constructed as well to have the military patrol the inside of the wall. The next step in the development will be the construction of a praetorium, a commander’s house, as well as the construction of a temple to Cid. These will be located around the location of the original fort.