The Last Stand (Settlement)

I want to share a story I made up for my settlement in Stoneheath! I hope you like it :wink:

They came at night, slaughtering and destroying nearly all cities in one night. But small group of survivors got away with a boat. They traveled day and night, hoping to find a peaceful place to live. Then finally…

They started gathering resources: wood, berries, stone and fur. After a short while they started constructing a small warehouse.

*First Night

*Inside the Warehouse

*Wood Storage

Then the construction of a dormitory begun.

*Bird’s eye view of the small settlement

*Inside the dormitory

Two brave women volunteered to protect the settlement. Soon after a horrifying creature showed up, but the two young fighters defeated it!

*The brave women


In the meanwhile the other survivors choose a place to grow some crops. One of them was a farmer before they attacked.

*Growing crops

*Another angle

*Now with lamps!

*Nice settlement, isn’t it?

Then they started constructing a hut for a blacksmith. A big tunnel system was dug out to hide in, if they would come!

*Tunnel system

*More tunnels

*Even more Tunnels

*Construction of the Blacksmiths hut

*Had to finish it with commands as they wont finish it… :tired_face:

*The Blacksmiths hut

*Inside the Blacksmiths hut

*Settlementview River

Then a place for the mason was choosen! Behind the Blacksmiths hut seemed to be a good place.


*Much Tunnel! WOW! Very big! Much safety!

*More Mason

*Different angles

*After leveling up

*The survivors

*The carpenters workplace

Everything was up and running! Good times!

*Blacksmith working

  • Bird’s eye view of the settlement

But what is that? A goblin?! We must kill them! But how?

*A Goblin camp!

*Goblin Chief

Trying to ignore the goblins, the survivors began building a big house for the weaver and herbalist!

*Building a bigger house


*Herbs and silk

*Inside the house

*More inside

*Other angle

*More other angle :no_mouth:

*Second floor

*But what is that?

*What is he doing?

A villager stole a weapon and sneaked out of the village to kill all the goblins! He wanted to show his strength. What will the elders decide to do with him?

*The elders thinking

A decision was made! The young boy is allowed to be a soldier! But not all news are happy. The trapper got killed by wolves while the soldiers where sleeping!

*Help the Trapper! Please! Stand up! … Please… :sob:

*F#@& these wolves!!

To not let something like this happen again, the elders decidet to build a tower with beds for the soldiers.
But also a graveyard was constructed.

*The new tower

*New equipment

*Tower with graveyard

*The graveyard

*Close up


*A vault for all the money and weapons

*Another bird’s eye view

*At night

*Hungry survivors

A small pool was dug out and a marketplace for the villagers was build.



*Close Up Market

*more Market

This is it for now! Hope you liked it. Please drop some feedback down below if you missed anything, etc.


your builds are giving me great idea’s

I’m happy if it helps you build!