The City of Nov Zamok - Alpha 18 progress build

It’s taken quite a bit more time than I expected it to, but I’ve managed to finish the quite extensive phase one of the city I’ve had in my head for a while now. I started this as a fresh game on hard mode with no mods.

The following is my own personal head canon:

On the edge of the Dark Moon Forest at the base of one it’s majestic mountains, an outpost was founded by Royal Decree. It sat on the border between the forest and the great plains that rolled into desert and led to the strange but prosperous desert folk. To protect those travelers, merchants and caravans from the horrors of the world, a new city was established to give shelter to those passing through the land. Its tall walls turn back the onslaught of repeated Goblin assaults and sieges. Its proud warriors fight to keep those under their ward safe. Welcome to Nov Zamok. Try the lamb.

The great walls of Nov Zamok have been completed.

Unfortunatly there have been a few causalities along the way, but we survived.

The outer wall was phase one. The wall is composed of many many smaller buildings, each one a functional living space. Phase two will be to continue filling out the interior. The designs will go from simple and practical to more elaborate, diverse and creative.


You built all this on hardcore without commands?!

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For the most part yes. It took a lot of micro management, frequent saving and a lot of dumb luck. I used the insta-build command once for one of the more complex buildings due to a design flaw I quickly figured out. But I was too lazy to demolish it and redesign it all over again. I also had too occasionally reset a hearthling or two.

It also helped that almost half my hearhthlings had combat roles at one point or another. For the moment, 18/45 are used for defense. It significantly slowed construction progress but did wonders for my surviveability.